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Was Willy Mo Fined 22 Racks?

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Moore said he plans to appeal the fine. The hit occurred following Brown's 23-yard reception over the middle in the fourth quarter. Moore appeared to be a little shaken up after the hit. No flag was thrown on the play.

It was the first fine for Moore this season. He vowed to clean up his hits after being fined almost $75,000 for illegal hits last season.

"I don't know if I even have a voice in it. All I can do is appeal it," Moore said of the latest fine. "Do I disagree? Yes. Do I dislike it? Yes. I don't feel like that was a fine. But I would like for us to be able to play real football."

Man **** this league.


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A 22 dolllar would be obscene so no I dont think that fine is fair.

I will say that when I saw that hit live I felt so bad for that guy. Honestly I would have been furious if my guy got hit like that. That was a out of body experiece hit. Like his ghost looked 3 feet behind him and said, I glad Im not in my body to feel that.

Still, when they showed to replay it looked like a legal hit. It was brutal in force but it was not head to head, the guy made a football move, and most importantly they did not throw a flag for the hit live.

They should fine their punter for his face mask on Hester that was way worse than the stupid face mask they called on Hester on the very same play that robbed Hester of a TD.

I hope Moore wins the appeal on this one.

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