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We Turn Mediocre Qbs Into "rookie Highlight Reels"

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So I'm sitting here bored at work and looking at how rookies are doing around the league, and I realize Teddy Bridgewater won NFL Rookie of the Week against us in Week 4 this year. Then it got me wondering - who else might have done this to us?

None other than Mr. All-Pro himself, Geno Smith.

So why do we seem to get trashed by mediocre, rookie QBs? Anyone else know of any good examples? I'd like to say this is just Nolan being Nolan (the misunderstood "genius" on defense), but I feel like it happened before he got here too.

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We just play the worst type of zone coverage. We get in our zone and sit instead of playing a man zone. Those are so easy to pick apart.

That's the reason why opposing receivers are always so wide open. the fact we still do this after 7 years is another reason I'm so over mike smith

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