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Cdboard47 Mock 2


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Free Agency

Mike Iupati OG

  • After cutting Blalock, we sign our future at LG

Chris Harris CB

  • Bronco's can only resign 2 of 3 (D. Thomas, J. Thomas, Harris); Thomas' are top priority

Assuming NO wins the division and we pick between 6-10 & Ray is picked

  • Round 1 - Vic Beasley OLB Clemson
  • Round 2 - Nate Orchard DE Utah / Gurley if ava.
  • Round 3 - Nick O'Leary TE Florida State
  • Round 4 - David Cobb RB Minnesota / D. Fields DE TCU -if Gurley in 2nd
  • Round 5 - AJ Johnson ILB Tennessee
  • Round 6 - Bo Wallace QB Ole Miss
  • Round 7 - BPA

-edited, Orchard in 2nd + FA splash

-will do cuts/full FA in future mocks

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I think he is. Only 27, entering his prime now

I have friends who are 49ers fans, and they think they won't keep him, not because he would cost too much, but because he sucks at Pass Pro. That to me is a concern, regardless of how much of a road grader he is.

just curious what you see that they dont, since they watch every snap their team plays.

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