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Saints Consider Rice

Sauce Castieaux

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Rice would be good as a screen pass receiver, and a 3rd back in the Saints rotation. He's done his time, so I don't mind him coming back.

As for him being on the decline, I think his 2013 stats falling were more of the Ravens having offensive line issues. The line impacts the stats more than the back it seems, us Falcons fans should have learned that from the Jackson signing(I predicted it would be dissapointing for that reason, go me lol). A good thing to look at is the stats of Bernard Pierce, 4.9 ypc in 2012, 2.9 in 2013 and 3.6 in 2014, so it's been up and down and back up again.

In a great system like what the Saints have, a back who is good with screens will likely be successful. This may actually be a useful signing for the Saints.

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