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Ah So Jeff Long Explains Something Regarding The Playoff Committee.


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i found this quite interesting. when asked about how the committee is looking at team's body of work he stated they look at who the teams have beaten and their ranking at that time of loss. he said that they basically get credit for beating ranked teams. if a team is ranked when they beat them that is considered a quality win even if later they fall out of the top 25. so for an example miss state gets credit for beating lsu and texas a&m because they were both ranked with a&m #8 and lsu #15 at the time of the game. it doesn't matter than neither team is ranked at this time, but they were ranked when they loss so it's a quality win and part of their body of work. that's quite interesting since it's clear neither team is worthy of the top 25 and what it does say is that these so-called meaningless preseason rankings are not meaningless at all if this is how the committee is going to evaluate a team's body of work.

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