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Fergson Riots. I Cant Help But Think.....


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A couple years ago. federal groups stocked up on guns and ammo. Im not talking just military grade. They where buying up everything. Prices of ammo sky rocketed.

When im watching the news i always think the news can be manipulated. 1 station favors democrats, fox is pro Republicans.

Follow me here.

Can you imagine so people in another country pulling strings like making a puppet dance. Or how the collapse of the banks happened. Basically who have people behind the scenes playing the game worth billions.

Think of it. Riots on obamas watches could be enough to finally get republicans back in office. Obama care etc.

What is all this is being setup looking for chaos? We know the mega rich don't care about the little people. of any race. They only care about power.

You can say. This is a crazy theory but what about WAR? There is mega bucks behind going to war or fighting wars. Every soldier deployed or gun or ammo or military grade vehicles on the streets that need kept up.

We know big businesses will manipulate situations for their own benefit. Why was those government agency's stocking up on reg weapons and buying up enough street ammo to goto war?

All they need is 1 situation and control the news to cause a scene. Im not saying the people involved aren't passionate about the cause. Im saying what if they are dancing to a puppet master that's pulling strings that no one would even consider.

I watched the rioting and they news made it look like the movie the purge. Some people out there dressed the part.

Some how this all brings me back to what happened months back with the "99% vs the 1%" and "march on walstreet" protests and police had issues.

Then we have ebola showing up in the US. Different versions of the flu. and wars to fight.

right in time for the holidays.

Ask Saints fans how Katrina was handled or covered up. You wonder how could this stuff happened.

But it seems behind everything big. Someone is pulling strings to make money.

Sorry this is so long. But next time you watch the news. Tell me "the purge" doesn't come to mind.

Image the price tag if we had to declare marshall law in states. Have armed troops on our own streets in multi states. seems odd all these protests are happening late at night. Could state curfews be coming?

Im trying to think big picture here. All you need is a spark to start a fire. Who has the most to gain by caring a lighter with them. Think about it.

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we had marshall law and city-wide curfews in the weeks after katrina (for those that came back).

True definition of ghost town, not enough law enforcement to population, and we had military patrolling the streets every night. I felt a lot safer I can tell you that. I was living in my old house at the time, and it is a block over from the ghetto.

Its the government, its always open up for debate. Always keep your head on a swivel

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Guest fibonacci

Not conspiracy at all to me. And I'm one who looks into codes and etc. (gematria to mason to illuminati and etc).

Anyhow all this Michael brown stuff is simple. Obama saw there was a crisis and took advantage of it. (heck why not, right?). Every news media was focused on that and never looked at what was being done in office. And very few know what happened....... Which was passing 3415 new regulations.

Any time a war, travesty and etc takes place, watch what the ones do in office. they'll buy stocks, and that's just the scratch of the surface. They'll pass bills, laws, regulations and etc. and that's just getting passed the icing. But more so they move things around to where you have no clue what you are looking at. And what they are moving is things we already have no clue about.

Anyhow this has nothing to do with illuminati, mason or any codes. This was simply an act of magic. (you watch the hott girls on stage and yet don't think to see what the magician is doing under the curtain. Or you watch the magician do cool hand tricks with cards, but you miss him taking your watch off with his other hand).

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Do you think if it was made public from day one that the officer was being attacked thru his window and Brown was trying for his weapon as he punched the officer, that this wouldn't have appeared to be a defenseless slaughter on the officers part. When the Grand Jury heard the truth and saw the forensics they had no choice in the not guilty decision. Why the early on refusal to let the circumstances be known puzzels me. It migjt have stopped the shoot from the hip response from the rioters.

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