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Randy Cross Said Fans/the City Part Of The Blame Because They Settle For Mediocrity!

rollo lawson

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And he was 100% correct in his assessment. Ive been saying this for the longest. Not just with the Falcons, but with all Atlanta teams. You might want to throw UGA and Right in there too. The sports talk media and the AJC are culpable to. They gave this regime a pass when real diehard fans were calling B.S. the last two years.

And now all you hear is that we are in the drivers seat in the NFC South. WTH!! This team is a train wreck going nowhere fast. The way this team plays and the coaches coach, we will get embarrassed on national TV in the first round. But everyone will say, "well at least we made it to the playoffs". Albeit at 6-10. I wouldn't even call that mediocrity. As long as we settle for this crap, they will keep feeding it to us.

Well like every media outlet & "journalist" in today's 24/7 news cycle, Cross has an opinion & a show to put on or a deadline to meet. So he speaks or writes his editorial fluff piece that panders to every other NFL fan base in the country. Even if this story were true, it would still be a lazy effort on his part.

No fans I know are happy with W-L our record, regardless of the playoff seating.

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