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Story Behind Your Avatar?


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Let's change the subject before this holiday weekend revs up. I know there are a ton of you just killing time until the whistle blows and you get to start a long weekend.

So, that said, what is the story behind your avatar? Why did you pick the pic you picked?

Mine? Well, I loved Old Ironhead Heyward when I was a youngster. First Falcon that was not Tuggle, Andre Rison or Deion Sanders who I really knew the name of (besides the QB's of course, like George, Chandler, etc.).

Anyway, tell me about yours.

And have a happy thanksgiving.

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I came up with this pic of a falcon with its wings barely open, as though it's too old and arthritic to manage a full extension. Or, maybe it's just drunk and has its wings partially open to help it maintain balance and not fall off the branch. Or maybe it's sitting above two stoners and is using its partially open wings to concentrate the noxious, nefarious fumes and waft them toward its beak. Possibly the partially opened wings and the head tiled to the side is a WTF? falcon jesture when it hears the Falcons are in first place in the division with a 4-7 record.

Most likely it's a Smithaphobic falcon trying to use its wings to cover its eyes and avoid seeing the horror of the Falcons 2014 dumpster fire of a football season.

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