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I Need Matt Ryan To Step His Game Up


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As bad as Mike Smith has been, as stupid as some of the playcalling has been, Matt still is playing at an elementary level. He is not elite, he is average. Elite carries the team. Elite calls the shots. Elite makes the throws when needed. Elite does not play how Matt Ryan has the past two years.

This year Matt has been protected way more than last year. And over the past few weeks, with the emergence of Stone and Shraeder, Matt has seen much more time and clean pockets to deliver passes. Yet he looks like he has happy feet in the pocket.

The guy blatantly ran into a sack that he had just avoided half a second before....

When he's on, he's on. We've all seen it. Coaches should do a better job of keeping Matt in rhythm, but a lot of the failures of this team sit on the shoulders of Matt Ryan.

Lately he's been talking about he needs to do better....well I've yet to see it.

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This team is so bad because nobody clicks at the right time. Not taking up for Matt but the rest if the team (rather oline and defense) has been bad save the last couple weeks. He hasn't played up to the level we know he can. We are just so used to seeing him be consistent it's glaring when he is off

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What most of you are saying and don't even realize is this: Matt has to have the perfect situation to thrive. Why get so defensive when Ryan is critisized?

Doesn't need perfection, but it'd help if the D was middle of the pack instead of dead last, they weren't on their 5th option at RT, 3rd at center, if his receivers didn't drop 9 passes in one game.

Yeah, Ryan had a bad game by his standards, but he can only do so much. And, would point out, the only times they moved the ball in the Brown's game, they were in no-huddle.

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Ryan threw 3 balls straight to the defender in the Cleveland game alone and he was under minimal pressure. That has nothing to do with the defense, Stone or anyone else. Those type of plays justify the criticisim that he gets.

On the first drive nonetheless! One should've been a pick six.

On the play Gipson got hurt, he threw it directly into double coverage.

Matt does this too often.

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Wow I really can't believe how many of you are blinded severely by homerism regarding our QB's poor play.

That pick in the lions game O_o

That sack in the Browns game O_o

How he missed a wide open roddy on that 3rd and 2 O_o

His indecisiveness while scrambling O_o

His deep throws have been wildly inaccurate this year and he's been throwing into clear coverage too frequently. His game is off this year and its truly sad that the guy doesn't know what to do without Tony Gonzalez.

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I got nothing but love for Ryan, but a lot of people around here defend him like he's their premature first born. This team is bad overall but he IS a part of it.

Look around the league at all the bad teams and pay attention to how fans and analysts immediately point to the Qb. Brees for example, is ripped constantly because he's playing just as bad as the rest of the team.

I swear man when the day comes when Ryan takes his final snap in that red and black uniform, I think some of y'all will actually stop following the Falcons.

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