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This Marks The First Time In Nfl History Any Division Leader Has Been Three Games Below .500.

jb 3.0

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So what your telling me is if the Saints win the South they will go down in history for not only the Worst D ever in NFL history. But the worst team to win a division in NFL history.

Boy would that leave a black eye on Paytons legacy.

This will also be his 3rd non-winning season, 4th if you count the year where he coached from his hotel room!

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I wanna see if our line can turn it around, at all...they got absolutely manhandled last game:

Per PFF, the Saints' OLine:

- most QB pressures > 23

- most QB hurries > 17

- 29th in pass blocking efficiency

Per PFF, individual offense line stats:

- Armstead > 7 pressures allowed (worst); 67th in pass blocking efficiency

- Strief > 5 pressures allowed (7th worst); 61st in pass blocking efficiency

- Jahri Evans > 7 pressures allowed (worst); 65th in pass blocking efficiency

- Ben Grubbs > 0 pressures allowed (tied for first); 1st in pass blocking efficiency

- Jonathan Goodwin > 6 pressures allowed (2nd worst); 29th in pass blocking efficiency

vs. Ravens

that is sad and nasty. Absolutely Armstead's worst game of his career. I think it was worse than his game vs. Carolina last year.

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