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What Do You Guys Think About Herm Edwards In The Falcons Organization?

Theyhateme : )

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Dude is a clown. Idiot been on ESPN for years telling every coach what they should be doing like he's an expert when in reality, theres a reason he isn't coaching anywhere in the NFL anymore. Dude is a terrible coach, and one of the main reasons I can't take ESPN seriously. Dude swore up and down that Brodie Croyle was a starting QB lol

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Reminder: Herm Edwards picked the Bucs to go to the Super Bowl

September 19, 2014

by Steve DelVecchi

A lot of people were high on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers heading into the 2014 season. They made a seemingly great coaching hire in Lovie Smith and acquired a veteran quarterback who was coming off a great year with the Chicago Bears in Josh McCown. No one had more faith in Tampa Bay than Herm Edwards.

Back in May, Edwards predicted that the Bucs and Pittsburgh Steelers would square off in Super Bowl 48. The ESPN analyst, who worked as an assistant with the Bucs from 1996-2000, felt that the Bucs would have an improved roster, better coaching and strong defense. Did anyone watch Thursday Night Football?

While it should be noted that the Bucs were without defensive leader Gerald McCoy, they were absolutely destroyed by the Atlanta Falcons. Tampa Bays 56-14 loss could go down as the worst for any NFL team this season. The Bucs were down 56-0 heading into the fourth quarter before Atlanta took its foot off the gas.

Analysts swing and miss all the time, and we usually let them slide. Predicting outcomes in football is arguably more difficult than any of the other four major sports, as teams go from first to last and last to first each season. Having said that, I wonder how Herm is feeling about his NFC champ these days. I bet hed like a mulligan.

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I like Herm Edwards, and I do believe he is a very knowledgeable football guy. He's played and coached in the league, and he seems to have charisma. However, his HC career started hot, then got bad, then got good for a short while, and then it got bad and ended that way. His HC record is 54-74. He had 3 winning seasons in 5 seasons with the Jets, and 1 winning season in 4 with the Chiefs, and he has not been offered anything since 2008.

He would not be a great hire here, and he'll of been away from coaching anything for 7 years.

I'll take someone whose feet are still wet from the champagne that got spilt on them from celebrating something meaningful. We need someone who is all about the up tempo offense, and the constant pressure D. Yes, that is a tall order, but it should be the goal of the new front office to find this person, and to get him the pieces necessary to win.

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Edwards is a friendly talkative rah-rah type who would be mediocre with the countless THOUSANDS of details a HC tends to Mon. thru Sat. , something Smitty does well.

Smitty's problem has been when he makes a mistake....it's crucial.....fatal. The poor guy does thousands of things right, but the very few he goes haywire with explode in his face and the team suffers.

Coaching in the NFL is weird. Most of the time the dullest coaches are the most successful, because of their attention to detail. If Smitty could just transfer his abilities to GAME DAY situations we'd have a winner.

So..........you go out and hire a windbag hotshot coach to solve all your problems and most of the time they just get WORSE......in multiple areas.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Just curious. Listening to him on the radio this morning, he seems to be very knowlegeable about running a team and he seems to know the Falcons weaknesses and strengths. So I thought I'd make a thread about it...LOL...

Seems is the key word, behind every face on ESPN there is a staff of people providing facts/stats to make them look good and informed. Unlike a lot of guys at ESPN Herm does seem like a good guy but I'll pass as a coach/gm option.

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