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Players Have To Take Owner Ship Of This Crap Also

cereal killer

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I agree with most of you in saying Mike Smith is not the guy to lead this team in the future.

It would a huge mistake not to call the players out on that loss as well. Players are on the field, they can affect the game more so than any coach.

Where was the heart with .44 seconds left? Where was the fire to put pressure on Hoyer.

As a player, you have to make plays. It simply can't be that easy to walk down the field on you.

The Broncos went to the Superbowl last season as was beaten pretty bad. That roster was purged.

Most of the players from that Superbowl team are gone.

Not only Mike Smith should be gone but more than half of the players on the roster should be shown the door.

List of guys who should not be a Falcon next season:

1. Javier Arenas

2. Jonathan Babineaux

3. Kroy Biermann

4. Justin Blalock

5.Cameron Bradfield

6. Malliciah Goodman

7. Steven Jackson

8.Stansly Maponga

9.Robert McClain

10.Bear Pascoe

11.Jacquizz Rogers

12.Jonathan Scott

13.Osi Umenyoria

14.T.J. Yates

15.Sam Baker

16.Lamar Holmes

17.Peter Konz

18.Mike Johnson

19.Zeke Motta

20.Gabe Carimi

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Yep. As a defensive lineman, you know with 44 seconds to go it is pin your ears back time and rush the passer with reckless abandon and even then you can't generate a pass rush. Just one QB sack could have ended that game, but as expected Hoyer had all day, WR's were wide open and another team marched down our throats when the game was on the line. The clock management was inexcusable, but so was the play on the field particular the utter lack of a pass rush.

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Yeah the defense didn't make 2 key turnovers only to be ****** over by their stupid head coach's inability to manage the clock. Shoulda been over after Tru's interception. NOPE. But wait, then Southward bails us out with yet another crucial interception which REALLY shoulda ended the game. That's all on Smith. Plain and simple.

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Yes some players made mistakes but they had Cleveland right where they wanted them and Smith calls a timeout. These mistakes we see are repetitive mistakes that have been a part of these team during Smiths reign even with different players...that tells me his coaching lacks.

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Fans do too. To **** with the record. We are leading the NFCS. Fans should be filling up the Dome and helping out the team any way we can. The attendance was pathetic and there were way too many opposing fans.

That's not absolve Mike Smith because that timeout was boneheaded.

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The players would have to buy in. I have a feeling that the buy in has been mailed out. They know if we some how win this Keystone Kop division and back into the playoffs that we will more than likely get beat like a dollar store drum. They could have the family in Maui for Christmas instead of the playoffs in a foot of snow in Wisconsin.

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