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My Thoughts On The Cleveland Game


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First off, I'd rather not turn this into a Mike Smith bashing thread, we have enough of those already. These are my thoughts based solely on the players... and I will add a little extra for you at the end.

Even though we lost on a *last second field goal, I just really gotta say there is no way the game should have been even that close. We can thank Brian Hoyer for being a terrible QB and keeping us in the game.

1. Desmond Trufant is the real deal. He gave up 57 yards on four catches to Gordon, while defensing four more. He can't be beat deep. And 19 of those yards came on a screen play.

2. Kroy played really well again. He made a lot of stops around the line of scrimmage in the run game, and picked up another sack while just missing a couple more.

3. On The flip side, Massaquoi is terrible in run defense, he got turned around and upside down, and ran into Lowery on one of Crowells TD runs.

4. Julio was killing Haden all day long. He had him constantly beat, but Matts balls where always a little bit off. Julio could have easily went for 150 if Matt could have placed a few of those balls better.

5. Our offensive line played horribly. Just horribly.

6. Ishmael is the real deal.

7. And here is the kicker....


There should have been two seconds added back to the game clock after that field goal.

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