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Welp, Falcons Still #1 In The Nfc South

Guest fibonacci

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I honestly feel bad about this.

This gives Mike Smith an opportunity to save his job and even if we do somehow win the division at 6-10 or 7-9 I know he's not the guy. Yet the excuse makers will be lining up to say it was the lack of talent, O line injuries, etc.

Smitty is guaranteed to be fired... Its just going to happen at the end of the season
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**** it. I'm happy about it. I'll always rejoice when the Saints outfail us. If they don't wanf it, I'll take it.

If only Blank would wise up and fire Smith so we have a chance of keeping this lead.

yeah now that part I am happy about. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside watching the dismay of all the ain'ts fans on their boards. It's glorious..especially in such a depressing and completely demoralizing year such as this one.

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I always wondered if a team ever went 6-0 in their division games & still not win their division. A lot of strange scenarios could play out in this terrible NFCS year.

That scenario happened to the Raiders a few years ago.

"In 2010, the Raiders became the first team in NFL history to go undefeated against their division yet miss the playoffs (6–0 in the AFC West, 8–8 overall, 3 games behind the Jets for the second Wild Card entry). On January 4, 2011, owner Al Davis informed head coach Tom Cable that his contract would not be renewed, ending his tenure with the organization. Many Raider players, such as punter Shane Lechler, were upset with the decision."

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