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Katrina Refs At It Again


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The Katrina REFs so far,

1.The hands to face on Graham on 3 and 5 was pure Katrina,

Ravens player didnt even contact the face or anywhere near it, Chest only

It should have been 4th down

2. The INT call was pure Katrina robbery by the refs.

Ravens player had it in his hands and then was down by contact.

3. The Graham TD was an illegal play by the Saints= No Call.

Look at the play again,

Why was Graham soooo Wide open?

The other WR fully RUN BLOCKED the CB that was covering Graham

6 yards into the END ZONE!

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1. Ingram fumbled in the goal line overturned

2. Saints failed on 3rd down Ravens called for hands to the face not even close on replay. Saints given first down go on to score

3 nati called for roughing after another third down stop

4 stills catch out of bounds given a catch

I hate to say this and I mean I really, really hate to say it but to me it looked like his knee was down before the ball started coming out so I didn't have an issue with that call. The illegal hands to the face was complete junk to me.

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I can still smell the B.S. coming off that "catch" by Kenny Stills.

I for the life of me can't figure out the NFL catch policy anymore. Catch the ball with two feet in bounds, and land out of bounds and the ground jars the ball loose? No catch. Ball moving around in your hands/mid air while rolling out of bounds in a New Orleans Saints uniform? Catch all the way....

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