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After responding to yet another idiotic attack from google. I will post that response here for you all to read, so my side can be heard. Whether you agree with me or not, I have always been respectful and tried to add to the board, but I simply am not going to come here and have this idiot keep hounding me like some obsessed teenager.

I am not a racist in any form, and I have tried to ignore him as much as possible, hoping those who have read me enough know the truth and recognize him for what he is, but that is tiresome. I have never reported him for harassment, assuming the administrators would do something about him in time. I guess that will not happen.

I hate having to acknowledge the idiot at all. It makes me think he has accomplished his goal, and I guess he has.

Anyways this not some grand farewell or a ploy for attention, but I know everyone on this board has seen his comments, and I need my chance to at least tell my side, thus as part of that, here is my reply to him in another thread.

You are dumb, Google. There is just no way around it. You and MFk are simply stupid. Like most liberals you do not even understand the meaning of the words you use so irresponsibly.

When you throw around the word racist so cavalierly, you have perverted the meaning and left society no term to differentiate actual racist like the KKK, neo- nazis, black panthers, or arian nation. Unless you like clumping those groups, who actually believe non- white races are inferior and should be eliminated with those people who simply discuss things or criticize or just use bad judgement. It is really maddening that people like you are the reason no one pays attention to the word racism anymore. That reason is explained in the children's story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

No one pays attention to the word, because though there was as time the word referred to actual racist groups, like those I mentioned above, who presented a threat, most now believe you are just using the term to label a person who did criticize a person wearing their pants down on their butts. That, as if white teens would not be criticized for the same.

For the record, I have never uttered a racist word. I do not think I am superior to blacks. I do not want them eliminated, and I have never said anything to imply that. I have had many discussions on black issues and made criticism, but if anyone has paid attention, I have criticized white people just as much, but what you idiots keep labeling as racism is definitively not, and only a indoctrinated moron would not know the difference. This reckless use of the word racism is the reason no one can talk things out. Everybody is scared to death to offend someone and be labeled. It puts a chill on free speech.

The lack of intellect shown by you, and liberals in general, in discussions on race is the reason the conversations have been dumbed down or avoided all together, thus, assuring that black and white people will never be able to talk things out. It is almost as if liberals do not want racial harmony.

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I'm just saying we've almost got this place cleaned up. The guy whose whole persona revolved around being a passive aggressive racist is banned. The guy who wished that black children had burnt to death in a car is gone. The guy who said black people can't get ahead because they spend their days sitting on the porch drinking and who also said young men disrespect him in movie theaters because of black culture doesn't post in this subforum anymore. Almost all the trash has been taken out. Almost.

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