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Another Reason To Question Coaching Staff, But A Way To Turn The Season Around Still


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So while watching the Falcons/Browns game, the announcers brought up a point about Atlanta on 3rd down on offense. They said the Falcons have a "large tendency" to throw the ball on 3rd down when its greater than 1 yrd to go. Another point I've watched in regards to tendency is the when the Falcons throw an incomplete pass on 1st down, then line up with Ryan under center on 2nd down, they almost always (probably 80% of the time) run the ball the next down.

It's no wonder the Browns were sitting on many of the routes/play calls early in the game because the Falcons' seem so set in their tendencies at this point that even an armchair QB can usually call out the play in advance. The Falcons run/pass ratio isn't great (37%/63%) but it's the tendency in the game on when to call the run/pass plays that seem so set that everyone on the field knows what's coming.

With that said, the Falcons are averaging 4 yrds per rush on the season, and with James Stone at C and with Blalock and Asamoah at the guard positions, there is some size and stoutness up front to get additional push. This team also has a three headed monster in the backfield that can be rotated around to keep guys fresh. So, what I didn't understand in the Browns game... why not lean on those OL and push the Browns around the field more? The run/pass ratio was 21/45 (with two Ryan runs counted as pass attempts), but this was against a team that was struggling to stop the run. Run the ball more, take control of the time of possession, and wear down the opponents D.

This is what the Falcons used to excel at. This is what they have the potential to do going forward if they want to save their season. The talent and ability is there, all the coaches have to do is realize their tendencies are killing them, adjust, and wear down the opponents while saving your own D, which is what everyone else has done to Atlanta all season long.

Finally, the next time I see the Falcons run the ball on two consecutive plays will seem like the first time they've done that all year long. I haven't gone back to research it, but outside of goal line plays I'm not sure they have run the ball on two consecutive plays all year. Talk about tendencies...

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