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Its Chipper Jones Fault The Braves Have A Terrible Offense...


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When chipper, AND brain mccann were braves and terry pendleton was the hitting coach, they whined and kept going to their fathers for hitting instruction, which PRESSURED the braves to make a move that they DIDNT want to, and that was taking pendleton from hitting coach duties to first base coach. They were happy with the job pendleton was doing. Thats why they kept pendleton on gonazalez staff. In fact, the braves. I found statistics under pendletion and here is part of the overall conclusions from a INDEPTH statistical breakdown of players under terry:


Based on this data, I can only draw one conclusion about Pendleton's effects on hitters:most players hit for a higher average (around 18-20 points higher) with TP than they do either before or after being with him. Beyond that, there is no real evidence one way or the other.

Which brings me back to chipper. My problem with chipper is he helped pressure the braves to get rid of pendleton, but dont wanna come up off that ranch and be the new braves hitting coach.......lol

EITHER terry or chipper need to be the braves hitting coach. Im not sold on the new hitting coach. We know what we had under terry, and it was a good product and the braves didnt swing for the fences on every pitch under terry.

So, chipper, even call the braves and recommend they rehire terry or get up off the ranch and come coach these hitters...........lol

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