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We All Have Broken Hearts Today, But No One Probably Feels Worse Than Mike Smith


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Y' think? you think no one feels worse over yesterday's timeout debacle than Mike Smith? I think you are right. None of us will lose our J-O-B over the loss.

We are not talking about the Facilities maintenance job at Flowery Branch.

We are talking about a guy who has been here for 7 years and has been paid between

$3.54 -$5 million each year,

Even after taxes and a Chitty tax free municiple/federal bonds paying out 2.75%

Cmon G-Ster,,, how much lets say 18 mil,, how much will that give him to live off

of for the rest of his years?

Yep you are a number boy and you started it, so lets hear about how

hard Smitty will have it.

Some how wiping his arse with $20 bills comes to mind.

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I don't give a crap how he feels!!! That was a call an NFL coach should know better than to make. We were in command and he blew it once again with his dufas timeout.

Don't forget...it's not the only time he has done this. Get him as far away from Flowery Branch as possible!

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Nope. I don't feel sorry for him. Detroit? Yeah a little. But he has continued to make the EXACT same mistakes every single game since then. I don't feel sorry for him ONE bit.

If you continue to do the things that bring you failure, then all the misery you earn is on you.

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