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He's Baaaaacccckkk!


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Sting is still wrestling? He's on WWE now? Hulk Hogan aint still around, is he?

Of course but he is in nooooo shape to ever wrestle again.

Ever since Jerry lawler had a real heart attack on TV the WWE is very strict on older talent wrestling.

Sting is probably in better shape to actually wrestle than any of the older guys, Hogan, Flair, Angle, Taker etc etc.

Not to mention this is a huge spoiler thread from last night (should have been in title). But i would say this is setting up triple H vs sting at mania. Sting has said he would do 1 match with WWE for years. He wanted to work with taker at Mania. But since that doesn't look to be happening and Hogan is probably beyond ever passing a WWE physical. Triple H is actually in great shape. That makes sense.

Stinf has been doing WWE appearances for months now on WWE network specials. So its not really shocking he is back. But i hope they do his return more justice than TNA did. They ruined him except for the joker gimmick.

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