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I'd be down, but good luck selling that to people who want a pass rusher. and I don't fault them either, we need a better defense.

Man I cant sell this ......I am saying from 3 yrs same SHIET......Please God bless us with STUD O-line while MATT Ryan is healthy but looks like he will die in front of our eyes.

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Tyron Smith is a straight up beast personally I think he's better than Joe Thomas.

In a word under pressure when it mattered the Dallas O-line was INCREDIBLE.

Man Romo may well go somewhere this year,throw in Demarco Murray's impact man Romo is getting the armchair ride back there.

On a side note Arthur Blank go get the best Defensive line coach in F/Ball PLEASE...Rod Marinelli come on down.

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Trade JJ for extra picks, fix OL. Would be the smartest move ever. But we won't cause fans don't want to lose their shiny hood ornament.

Our STUPID fanbase dont' know the importance of O-line.

Without dominant O-line we can somehow reach playoffs but will get roasted when it matters.

O-line & D-line .....Build the lines . Try to keep Julio & pay him 2nd WR money . If he wont take that deal then trade him. Its simple.

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