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Is Mike Smith Ever Asked About His Clock Managing?


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I don't expect Dave Arch to ever ask a tough question he seems to answer even the lay ups he do throw at the coach but does anyone, radio, TV or whatever consider asking Mike Smith about his clock management. Believe it or not a lot of time these guy dog have anyone around them willing or able to call them out on things thus they never realize it's a glaring issue? Just wondering. I'm honestly tore into pieces over how badly he has coached this far

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What gets me is the headlines on every sports site should be about how terribly mike smith screwed up the clock management. There are some mentions but it's not the headlines..I don't understand why...his timeout was the most mind boggling stupid thing that has happened ALL season in ANY game. Why isn't the media pouncing on this?..especially when there is such a LONG history of him doing stupid garbage like this?

It seems like a lot of the media doesn't hold smith's feet to the fire like other coaches. i mean look at the heat other coaches get around the league and compare it to smith, who has done so many dumb things that we have all lost count...yet you never hear much about it.

You also never hear much about the locker room being pissed off. i want to hear they are. i want to hear they are ashamed. i want to hear they are NOT happy. If someone farts the wrong way in chicago, san fran, new york, baltimore, etc etc you hear about it. Not the falcons though..smith is let off easy and so are the players.

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