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Arthur Blank Grabbed Front Row Seat At Press Conference


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With such an action, Blank is obviously sending a message. What that message is and who it is intended for, however, is not so obvious. The message could be to the fans and media that he is there to support Smith at a time the fire is getting its hottest, or the message could be to Smith that Blank's patience is wearing thin and wants to hear the reasons for the latest loss for himself.

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I just wish Blank would give us fans something to show he sees our pain.

Maybe an announcement that Smith needs to win the Superbowl to save his job?

Maybe firing one of our coordinators?

Or, maybe the best a firing of Smith now?

Isn't that the truth? Don't give us the usual politically correct answer when a team is losing. Say something that proves you care. Say something hat tells us you at least recognize the freaking problem. Say something that gives us fans hope that things will change. For the love of god, don't let this GARBAGE that is being put on the field go on without at least some justification for letting it continue.

I'm so sick of seeing utter dog sh8t being served every sunday to us fans and blank says hardly nothing, the media won't question him about it either, and our mind boggling stupid coach smith is allowed to shovel that cow manure in those press conferences without being challenged.

We as fans deserve at least some justification for even staying fans of the team because right now the team/mike smith sure as **** are not giving us any reason to stay fans.

I'm just so disgusted...on so many levels...and i am so sick of feeling this way every year. I've been feeling it for 30 years as have so many others around here with some a lot longer. We have all suffered a long time while other franchises can win year in and year out, no matter who the coach is or who is playing. **** it..I want to know why after 3 plus decades of watching this team why we keep settling for this crap and lose every freaking year.

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