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Earlier this year when we had Antoine Smith breaking out for ridiculous runs he was never given the opportunity too shine and be a bigger part of our offense. I have always thought that the people making the plays should be given an opportunity, but apparently Mike Smith did not.

Ever since I've watched this Falcon's team starting from the Matt Ryan era we have consistently been outcoached after half time. We noticed it when we played the Seattle Seahawks and they came back from 17 points down and it took a miraculous drive for us too even win a game that we should have had in the bag. Next week after that we played the San Fransisco 49ers and I thought too myself that there would be no possible way that would happen again, but it did.

We are so talented in certain positions and our players are never utilized too their full potential. You know what a Bill Belichick would be doing with our recieving corps, he makes Julian Edelman look like an all pro.

Anyways... with that decision calling today I see no reason whatsoever that he should even be given another opportunity too coach a game for us. We are one of the most predictable teams on offense and if Koetter is behind the coordination and play calling he has too go as well.

Rant over.

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