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I Am Now 100% On Board Now With The Immediate Termination. Mike Smith Is Too Dumb To Be An Nfl Head Coach.


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Of course the clock management was not just appalling, it was shocking for a 7th year HC. But aside from this, the situational and circumstancial play calling throughout this game was much, much more than puzzling, at times it was downright asinine. And this is when it is time to fire a person; when a person in charge of decision making shouldn't be!

And I'm also sick of watching the abysmal talent deficiency on this team. Week after week we see each and every team--it matters not who, veteran or rookie, good team or bad--pummel our QB repeatedly while their QB has lightyears to throw the ball. That's on Dimitroff! And he should be out the door too.

And while you're at it, get rid of Koetter too...hopefully this needs no explanation after the calls today on 2nd or 3rd and one or two yards.

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His lame azz excuse after the game was we were not in FG range , what a jackazz . Yeah that explains why you kicked it in 4th down right?

That would be somewhat acceptable if there was 15 or less seconds left in the game, not 50 odd seconds and an offense mere yards from the LOS

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Glad to hear this QB. You are a good poster. My only question for you is why did it take you so long? I was done with these clowns a few years back. Hey, better late than never though.

I have given him the benefit of the doubt due to poor overall talent brought in by TD and because this team has been playing hard despite the results. But what I saw today is a man too dumb to be a head coach. I mean this sincerely: Mike Smith doesn't have the aptitude, adaptability or situational and circumstantial decision making skill and natural football instincts to be an NFL Head Coach. He really looked very, very dumb today for a man coaching in his 7th NFL season.

I'll say it again, Matt Ryan has covered a lot of sins for MS and TD, but this team is so devoid of talent (worst OL and overall defense in the NFL) that not even he can overcome this anymore. His many 4th quarter or last second heroics covered grossly abysmal decision making by Mike Smith amazingly well the first 5 seasons...not any longer.

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