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Were We Trying To Lose?!

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Why call a pass play, a long one at that, on 3rd down? Run the freakin ball. Defies all logic and common sense! I had been somewhat on the fence about Smitty because of this teams history of choosing head coaches but I finally admit that it's unquestionably time for him to go. Koetter too.... the whole freakin ball of wax. The only logical explanation I can figure for that last offensive call before the Bryant field goal is that we were actually trying to lose. There is no other explanation. I will always love and appreciate what Mike Smith did for this team, making it competitive and bringing us respectability but what I just saw is the final straw. In the past when people have questioned the play calling and clock management at the end of games, I have been able to see both sides but there is no logical explanation for what just happened. None.....

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Guest Negatorris

Smith is sabotaging the team purposely. The timeouts before both halves, I've never seen a coach make the same terrible mistakes game after game all year. He knows he's getting the boot so why not sabotage the organization. Blank is too much of a puzzy to fire him. **** hurting feelings. Get this dumbazz outta Atlanta!

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