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If Mike Smith Us Not Fired Right Now I Will Root For Us To Lose Every Week

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He won't be fired. He would have been fired after the Detroit game.

It's not to late to correct that mistake. I understand people saying we're not going anywhere but what's gained by telling everyone in the organization and the fan base that you're willing to settle for that level of ineptitude? Smitty has had more than enough time here. He's the 8th longest tenured coach in the NFL and 6 of the 7 in front of him have SBs. We don't owe him the rest of the season.

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Yeah Im for a good draft for our new staff.

Number one question in HC interview process.

"You have the ball at their 30 down by 2 with 55 seconds left on 3rd and 2 what do you do?"

Answer 1

I would call a time out and then insist that my OC call a deep pass to the least experienced WR on the team.


Thanks for coming in.

Answer 2

I would replace my OT's with TE's and send 5 WR's deep on a seven step drop hail mary in the end zone.


Thats the stupidest thing Ive heard since the last guy that interviewed.

Answer three Id let the play clock run down to 1 to snap it and then run it up the middle with my surest handed RB. If we got the 1st down Id keep everything underneath and in the middle of the field run the clock down to 5 seconds and call time out for a FG attempt.


As an Atlanta falcons fans that seems rather unorthodox but whatever we'll try it your way.

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