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Get Mike Smith The **** Out Of Here


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Enough is enough with this ****. I said Arthur Blank was too loyal to his people. I am sick and tired of this team and the franchise. Mike Smith has costed this team I don't know how many winnable games this year. Very Pathetic and very ******* stupid. I hope all you all ******* go do something else with your lives on Sundays, because watching this team is a freaking Joke. **** all of you and I don't care what you all think. All the marks on here saying, Oh well shut up R, you don't know anything. It's Not coaching its not having First Round talent at EVERY POSITION. GUESS WHAT you marks, in 2008 this team had NO talent and they could kick the crap out of this team TODAY. WHY? Because Mike Smith wasn't a ******* ***** and didn't over think every SINGLE ******* thing. Thank you all and good night.

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