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Mike Smith Go **** Yourself


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I want someone to ask the right questions at the press conference. I want someone to ask him what the **** he was thinking callin the time outs when he did.

I hope this team stops playing for his stupid ***. We are in the driver seat of our division in first place with a 4-6 record and this fool wants to call time outs to give the visiting team a chance to score? **** you Mike Smith.

I want to hear the locker room speech today.

Your whole 1-0 garbage doesn't mean **** today you no good terrible game namagement poor excuse for a coach Smith.

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Whole staff no way Tice and our Special Teams Coaches should stay. Evidence for TICE on working with our OL despite all the injuries.

Special Teams Coach??? Take away Matt B (can't coach how to kick after all these years), Bosh (Ditto...but he leads the ST in tackling - do you really want him leading in that cat.?) & Hester (Ditto also, his lack of blockers standing around ...today was caught on what could have been a TD if they blocked instead of watching!)...come on, take them away...what do we have? Guess you forgot the Returners by committee the past few years...no clue!

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