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The Simple Facts For Why We Must Have A Regime Change Regardless Of The Seasons Outcome


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The fact that we actually hired an OC from Jacksonville!!!

The fact that we continuously reach back to Jacksonville for players.

The fact that we had to manufacture a "tough" attitude when no no one stood up for the late hit on our QB.

The fact that we had to publicly announce that we are not a "soft" team, and countered by stating we are a " tough and physical" football team (no ones buying that one) on HBO for the world to see, how embarrassing!

The fact that we actually printed up T-shirts that said 1-0 and hung them in the locker room for crying out loud!

The fact that many of our players are used improperly.

The fact that obvious available FA's that would be a great fit aren't even brought in (i'm still terribly better about Doom and not pairing Osi with Abe)

This regime is pathetic...

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