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Im Over London Fiasco


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Guest facelessman07

Since you bring it up...

This is the same team that lost in London

Sorry, until we beat better competition (the Bucs and Panties just suck), I'm only able to believe what my eyes see on the field

If we beat the Browns and win in an "uncharacteristically non-Mike Smith" aggressive we ain't scurred way then we may be onto something

Until then..

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I'm not over it. But I'm not once the NFCCG (which now seems like it was a million years ago). Heck, I'm not over Danny White, William Andrews tearing his ACL, Eugene Robinson, Jam getting hurt, or MeAngelo Fall giving up over 50 yards on one drive because Steve Smith made him his *****.

This is the short list of sh¡t that I'm not over. And even though I'm stoopid enough to believe that we can turn this thing around, I'm not over the fact that we need to.

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Since this has turned into confession, I am over Jam blowing out his knee, I am over the ownership of Stankin' Rankin Smith, I am over Deion leaving, I am over Eugene "Man Of The Year" Robinson and the need to get his pickle tickled, I am over Dan Reeves and his awful gameplanning against the Broncos, I am over Michael Vick, I am over Bobby Petrino, I am over the NFC Championship game where everyone wants to blame it on Smittyball, but don't realize that we came out attacking in the second half, and our defense let us down, I am over the pass interference on Roddy White that wasn't called. I am over the 4-12 season, and I am over the five game losing streak. Amen.

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I think it keeps us from winning the division. 7-9 might win it, but I don't see us getting over 6 at this point. If the offense turns it around and stops being so conservative, then we possibly can get there, but then what?

We will get a feel today if this team is improved or not. I am pessimistic until we beat a good team or even appear competitive.

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