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Playoff Machine - There's Still Hope!


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Was just playing around with the playoff machine, I like the looks of this scenario!

Just a joke really but boy would we all be laughing if it actually played out that way.

MY DREAM SCENARIO is that we somehow sneak into the playoffs, win the Super Bowl and STILL FIRE MIKE SMITH.

In the mean time though, I hope he is showing the guys highlight videos of what they used to be just a couple years ago to try get them jacked up and get their confidence back.

Have a good weekend everyone, looking forward to the game on Sunday!


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If Mike Smith gets fired after winning the big game with THIS roster, then Arthur Blank/Thomas Dimitroff/whoever the **** is responsible for firing him will be known as the biggest idiot in sports history. And this franchise will become the biggest joke.

If they won the SB, Blank wouldn't fire anybody. They'd be set for job security for a few years.

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