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For What It's Worth - End Statement From Desert News (Utah)


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"No, it won't be the Broncos, Seahawks, Patriots, Packers, Cardinals or Cowboys hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February 2015.

It will be Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Arthur Blank and the Falcons.

They are going to channel their near-Super-Bowl mojo of 2012, only better. ... Ryan is going to channel Tom Brady of 2001 and Rich Gannon of 2002. ... The young defense is going to get better each week. ... The offensive line is going to come together. ... Steven Jackson is going to hop into the DeLorean, travel back in time and bring his 2006 self back to the future.

It's a lock, right?

I can see it now: The record books will say: "2014 NFL Champions: Atlanta Falcons."

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Everyone knows desertnews out of ******* Utah is the most credible nfl publication in circulation

If desertnews has an opinion, people, listen to them.

What's the use in life if you don't believe?

I don't really and personally believe we have a shot to speak of.

If it happens, it would speak volumes of a body of people overcoming the most dire and seemingly impossible odds pressed against them.

Gotta remain hopeful, simply because such a scenario, incredibly, remains in the arena of the possible (Accept it or not).

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