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Do You Trust Mcclain?


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McClain is solid, but his lapses at times in coverage usually end with a huge play for the opposing team.

Alford is turning into D-Hall 2.0 without the bs ego.

D Hall is a good corner. He's a man corner like Alford that played zone away from his strength. Alford plays man tougher than zone but I will say he's getting better at zone.
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Disagree dude. He's a big play corner who gets beat (badly) far more than he wins his battles.

Everybody seems to get beat when your on a bad team. He went from a good falcons team to a terrible Raiders team to a terrible Redskins team on his way to some pro bowls. Even Deion was getting beat when he was a redskin and they had a dream team defense. Another case of players played away from their strengths and being on sh!tty teams. Even Revis was beat in a zone scheme with Tampa and there's no way anybody would consider him not good.

Besides bad corners don't make big plays. They gotta be good to do that and corners get credited for being beat when in zone most times its on a safety. The corner may try to run it out but to the fan it looks like its the corners fault. This very board does it every weak.

You don't accumulate 43 picks being bad your whole career.

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