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Nfl.com's Re-Do 2014 Draft


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NFL.com's Re-do 2014 Draft

1st Pick Texans- Blake Bortles instead of Clowney

2nd Pick Rams- Jake Matthews instead of Greg Robinson

3rd Pick Jaguars- C.J. Mosley instead of Blake Bortles

4th Pick Bills- Sammy Watkins (SAME)

5th Pick Raiders- Zack Martin instead of Khalil Mack

6th Pick Falcons- Kyle Fuller (CB) instead of Jake Matthews

7th Pick Bucs- Khalil Mack instead of Mike Evans

8th Pick Browns- Teddy Bridgewater instead of Justin Gilbert

9th Pick Vikings- Ryan Shazier instead of Anthony Barr

10th Pick Lions Kelvin Benjamin instead of Eric Ebron

I love looking at redo drafts. I think this redo is wrong for alot of teams. We would have taken Mack since Matthews was taken 2nd and not another CB. Your thoughts?

Clowney was exempt since he's been hurt and his performance couldn't be judged.

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I would love to have Fuller in replace of Alford (trade back) IF our lines were not terrible.

And I think the server for TATF would crash if Clowney was our pick and then got hurt. It would make the Matt Ryan Sucks and Trade Julio threads obsolete.

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