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What Browns Fans Are Saying


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LOL they're winning and some of them have us picked to win, and score a lot of points? they just don't know do they

but they sound a lot like several of us around here. They've been around long enough and seen enough ineptitude they just don't believe it yet. I feel their pain

yea, they don't sound real confident over there ....poor little things are 6-4 and in the last place of AFC NORTH LOL....laugh.png

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I admit that, but think fans should have hope because we have both reasonably healthy. If you don't have that hope, why think a regime change brings anything tangible...we stuck with MR/JJ going forward.

I always have hopes fr the Falcons and I have hopes than some of them step up their game. Too many times a guaranteed salary tends to make one sluff off or get lazy.
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