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About The Scuffle Yesterday.

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I agree with what we did 100%. Hester fumbling later, is a problem.. but look guys..


Hester was obviously getting hammered for no reason. Roddy leaps into action. Look how fast he jumps in the pile. Last season, everyone

would have tipped their hat to the nice tackle and played the next play. I'm glad Roddy showed some toughness.. and then it doesn't stop

there. I see every one of our OL jump into it. At the end, look at Roddy have 2 on 1 with a DE and their S..see the ROOKIE, STONE, run over there to help his teammate? It was an ugly scuffle..but at least we attempted to fight instead of run away like some little girls. Come on guys!

And the one where Smith went after Harper over Roddy..no problem there neither.

We won the game. The Panthers aren't the Panthers from last season, but we still won. Guys let's exhale..I'm not saying we're going to run the tables and win a Superbowl.. but I think right now, this team believes. Remember, Ryan and this Falcons team are usually terrible on

the road no matter who they play. They've won TWO road games, in a row. Yes, against bad opponents, but look..the Rams demolished DENVER

yesterday. Typically, road wins are hard to come by. Now the Panthers and Buccs aren't top 10 teams, but at home..typically, teams play


I just think winning 2 on the road, is a good thing..I think the team believes..and I think they're taking charge. I think we beat CLE

next week.

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