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Longest Nfl Title Droughts.......


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Longest NFL title droughts

  • Associated Press

    1) ARIZONA CARDINALS - Last NFL Title: 1947

    Yes, when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, the then-Chicago Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Eagles and Ron Jaworski (OK, not really him) to win it all. The closest they've come to a title since then was, of course, the 2009 season with Kurt Warner and in 1996 when they made the playoffs in "Jerry Maguire."

  • Pro Football Hall of Fame

    2) DETROIT LIONS - Last NFL Title: 1957

    Ah, the curse of Bobby Layne. After being unceremoniously dumped by the Lions in 1958, he reportedly vowed, "This team won't win for another 50 years!" I don't know how much of it was the curse and how much of it was the continued drafting of wide receivers in the first round, but hey, I love built-in excuses. "We won't win this year; we're still under the Layne curse!"

  • National Football League

    3) PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - Last NFL Title: 1960

    During this championship season Chuck Bednarik hit Frank Gifford so hard he didn't wake up until he was in the "Monday Night Football" booth. The closest they've come since was with Ron Jaworski (legitimately this time) in 1981 and then Donovan McNabb in 2004. Since 1960, the 76ers have won the NBA Championship, the Flyers the Stanley Cup and Rocky Balboa the heavyweight championship twice.

  • Associated Press

    4) MINNESOTA VIKINGS - No NFL championships

    What? Getting there four times and not winning? That's Incredible! Speaking of Fran Tarkenton, he was Jim Kelly before Jim Kelly. Their best chance to finally break through was in 1998, but a missed Gary Anderson field goal against Atlanta sent the Falcons to the Super Bowl to be sacrificial lambs, sorry, opponents of the Denver Broncos. The sad thing is the Vikings probably would have beaten the Broncos.

  • Associated Press

    5) TENNESSEE TITANS - AFL champions, 1961 (as Houston Oilers)

    Winning the AFL title is like winning "Bridalplasty"-- only three AFL teams had winning records that season. But this Christmas Eve tilt saw the Oilers beat the Chargers in San Diego. Let's not talk about how the Chargers blew a big home-field advantage and instead thrust the spotlight on how a league known for wide-open offense could have a title game end with a 10-3 final score.

  • Associated Press

    6) SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - AFL champions, 1963

    They actually beat the Patriots 51-10 in the title game. I would have that score up in every office the team has. "We beat the Patriots 51-10! The year doesn't matter!" In what was possibly the greatest game ever for a fullback, Keith Lincoln ran for 206 yards, had 123 receiving yards and scored twice. That's like Tony Richardson's entire career.

  • Associated Press

    7) CLEVELAND BROWNS - Last NFL Title: 1964

    Not only is it the Browns' most recent title, it's the most recent one for all major sports teams in the city of Cleveland. I think they could do a pretty good "We Didn't Start the Fire" version of sports history in the city: "Charles Nagy, Earnest Byner, LeBron left the city dire, blah blah blah, blah blah blah Jordan over Ehlo."

  • National Football League

    8) BUFFALO BILLS - AFL champions, 1965

    This was actually the second of back-to-back titles for the Bills. (I know, stop laughing!) They won their division by five games over their nearest competitors (just like in the 1990s) and won the AFL title in dominant fashion over the Chargers (just like in, uh, never mind).

  • 9-atlanta-falcons-no-championships_pg_60

    Elise Amendola/Associated Press

    9) ATLANTA FALCONS - No championships

    You want to blame Eugene Robinson for the Falcons loss? Go right ahead. It's not like the day before the Super Bowl the Pro Bowl free safety, who earlier in the day won an award for his "high moral character," went out and got busted for soliciting a prostitute. And it's not like he got burned for an 80-yard touchdown in the first half of the game that gave Denver a 17-3 lead that pretty much won it for the Broncos. Oh wait, that actually happened.

  • Associated Press

    10) CINCINNATI BENGALS - No championships

    It's not like they've never been close. They lost in 1981 when somehow Pete Johnson couldn't gain a half yard on fourth down despite the 49ers having just 10 defenders on the field, and fell victim to Montana magic a few years later when John Taylor became a legend. How to make Bengals fans feel better? In the words of Sam Wyche, "You don't live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati!"

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Falcons will be the last team to win a superbowl.

its down to them and the bengals...........seahawks got theirs. saints got theirs.........falcons and bengals are the only two left without ANY nfl championship of any kind....

my bad, the vikings. man, its hard to believe the vikings dont have any championships.........amazing, the falcons are the one that cost them in 1998:


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