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This Game Defines The Entire Season Of Who The 2014 Falcons --Really---Are


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This game defines the entire season of who the 2014 Falcons are

After all the ups and downs and mishaps of this season the Falcons can win this game and be in first place and wipe away all the bad previous to this game

Will the Falcons be who we think they are this season and let a 16-3 lead evaporate in the 4th quarter to lose in embarrassing fashion again

(Mike Smith's MO)

Or ---- will the Falcons turn their season around and win on the road and seize 1st place in the division

Can Newton just through a bomb and now the Falcons are behind 17-16

Looks like same ol Falcons

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This offense is embarrassing. Ryan just plain sucks on the road. It's just little dumpoffs all game. Grow some ******* balls man and play like you want to ******* win you ******* coward

In his defense, he does have to assume he is going to be sacked within 3 seconds every play so all he can look at is short passes

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