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Given the entirety of the circumstances, the throwback screen that went for a pick six should be a career ending play call or someone.

1) back up quarterback with a bad shoulder

2) effectively driving with the lead

3) your defense has been holding the tech offense so kicking the field-goal on fourth down it's not the worst thing in the world

4) The play itself is a complete risk/reward. If it doesn't work, it's almost certainly a pick six.

5) at the 8 yard line,, no one is going to be more than 15 yards downfield from the play, so the risk of an interception it's actually enhanced.

6) rushing the ball have been pretty effective so far I think

7) it's a back up quarterback with a bad shoulder. (yes I said it twice but, come on!)

So maybe, the coach made it absolutely clear to the kid that he was not to make it the throw if he was not absolutely certain that it was there. But now you are relying on an inexperienced nature to corporate raider discretion in the moron to put the play in there in the first place.

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