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Kroy Biermann Got A +6 Ovr Boost In Madden, Now An 81 Ovr.

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Madden player here. Lemme clarify. His rating boost is seriously aided by them changing his position to a DE instead of his normal LOLB position. Madden finally decided to update our front 7 depth and positions to match the real life depth chart and positions. They moved TJax and Goodman to DT, Mass, Maponga, Osi, and Kroy to DE, made Shembo the only and starting LOLB (tf?), made Wor and Stupar the starting ILBs (i know, Wtf right?) and made Bartu the starting ROLB with Starr as his primary back up. In other words; they ****** up our front 7. If you move Kroy back to his normal OLB position, his rating goes down to a 79 which is a fair 4 point boost rather than the 6. Move Osi back to OLB and his rating becomes a 77.

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Lmao he11 no! I get excellent pressure having mass and osi on the field as outside backers. I run Maponga in before kroy, lol

you know I had to **** with Ya. Do you play ultimate team. I went undefeated all the way to the super bowl and got my *** whooped by someone with a stacked team and ran consistent nano Blitz
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