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If We Wanna Win The Last 7 Games...


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I'm excited like everyone else about our win especially since we win division if we win out. I'm still worried bc 1) coaching still sucks 2) our schedule isn't pretty

Some things I feel we need to do though:

Offense:1) I know bucs defense sucks but what ever we did to run that ball that well, keep it up. Sjax looked liked the player we expected all along.

2) I know he just got off the injury report but we need HD to get going. He has made some tough catches last two weeks.

3) However we have been using Levine has worked lol.

4) Put Alford inside. I think Josh Wilson can be our second corner. We keep making excuses for Alford but he costs us a lot of big plays.

5) It was funny at first but what is Trufants problem. He could have 5-6,INTs on the year. Its a good problem to have but he needs go focus more on the ball.

6) Last comment I have is I love our safety tandem of Lowrey, Kemal, Dezmand and Willy Moore when he comes back. I hope we use all 4, in different looks.

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If they wanna win at least 6 of the last 7 they better go out and play exactly how they played yesterday. Slow and methodical. They kept it simple yesterday and had success doing it. Reason I say 6 out of 7,green Bay ain't gone sit back and play ring around the rosie with them. They better bring it for 4 entire quarters

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