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Inside Linebacker - Rolando Mcclain

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Well in essence you'd have to pick between he and Spoon. I don't think that sends a good message.

1. Spoon may be injured, but you can't trust Mcclain either.

2. Spoon is probably the best guy in the locker room. You don't just ship him out, to replace him with another untrustworthy guy. Thats a recipe for disaster. You could piss off quite a few guys with that.

3. All things considered, is Mcclain really much better than Spoon?

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weighing Spoon's injury history against McClain's questionable mindset and maturity, I will still go with Spoon based on his leadership traits. If he can stay healthy I think Spoon can still play at a high level, and he could be a great LB if he had a D line that could keep him clean

But why would we have to choose between these 2? We have a lot of LBs but they are pretty much all backup material. I think multiple FA signings at LB are in order if we want to have a good, not even great, front 7. If the future GM does what's needed and overhauls the defense aggressively this offseason, none of the LBs on the roster should be considered a guaranteed starter next year

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