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Who Is The Best Team In The Sec East?

judas yeast

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It's just a wasteland I'd also pick GA Southern if GT beats the dawgs hopefully dawgs fans will finally realize time to put Richt out to pasture or something.

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It's pathetic and there should be no excuses for it. But UGA just doesn't put a priority on winning titles.

What is UGA's priorities? I honestly can't think of one... I mean some programs are all about championships,other are about rejuvenating a program,and some like having a good system in place. UGA doesn't really fall into any of these categories.

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Still think Georgia is the best team in the East, despite a bad loss to Florida. At this point anyway. It's a pretty weak division. We'll know for sure after we see how they respond at Kentucky and then hosting Auburn with Gurley back.

If UGA had a better QB, I think that would make a world of difference. I don't want to bash on Mason... he's done everything expected of a player at UGA. He just isn't the caliber of player we need at QB.

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May be close to true but if you look back to 2000, Clemson has 2 Orange Bowl appearances in the last 3 years but after that its a smorgasbord of lower tier bowls.


It's a lot easier to make it to the Orange bowl out of the ACC than it is the Sugar Bowl out of the SEC. South Carolina is a prime example of just how hard it is to make it to a major bowl out of the SEC. They went 11-2 in 3 straight years and didn't make it to a major bowl game in any of those seasons.

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