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I Want A "cheater" For Hc

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Yeah I said it. Give me a Bill Belicheat, a Sean PayEm, or Pete Carroid any day. Not to leave out Tomlin, I like how he stepped on the field and slowed Jacoby Jones from returning a punt for a td. All these guys have rings.

The point is that these guys will do ANYTHING to win. Smitty doesn't show the urge to do any and everything to win. Even with his back against the wall, he won't even do the small things like playing the best players, or signing FAs that can actually contribute instead of "depth guys".

No matter what you think about me, just know that I am a die-hard Falcons fan who wants a Superbowl ring for this team and I'm not above cheating to win one.

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Lol. We all cope differently. I just choose not bury my head in the sand and instead see us for what we are. One of the worst coached and least talented teams in the league.

Who's burying their head in the sand? shrug.001.gif

Falcons have no effect on my sense of humor. If they ever did I would quit watching them and start watching women's hockey.

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We don't need a "Cheater", but we do need someone who is about winning, and beating a team into submission. There is no winning in the NFL with conservative play. I'll take an HC who leaves no time on the clock ever. I want someone who will make the bold move when it really isn't needed, and will infuriate the opposition so much that it takes them off their game.

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