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Free Agents 2015


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Agree with above except No to Sam Baker, Yes to Weatherspoon (if healthy)

Free Agents, get Mike Lupati and Brandon Graham.

Lupati replaces Blalock, who we cut outright if he doesn't finish the season strong.

Graham can play ILB and along with Shembo we'd have two ILB who have experience rushing the passer.

I want a 3-4 defense that can come at the QB from all 4 linebacker positions and at least one DE position. I hope that can be Hageman, but if we get a good free agent OLB I wouldn't hate Leonard Williams in the first AT ALL.

I think Taylor Mays is a diamond in the rough. He has been buried on the depth charts as a safety in Cincy, and it really isn't the best fit for him. He has shown good things in his limited snaps at outside linebacker/nickel, and he would be useful on each down. On third down he could move inside for extra cover ability against the pass. There have been games when he's been at nickel where he has really shined against tight ends. He will help us against Jimmy Graham and potentially Austin Sefarian-Jenkins should Tampa get their quarterback of the future in the draft.

That can't be true that Justin Houston is a UFA right? Because if that is true, of course we break the bank and bring him in above any of these other relative losers lmao.

I must have read it wrong somewhere that they can still franchise him....

We may need to commit some more f*ckery to insure that we can afford re-signing Julio and bring in Houston.

If KC is able to keep Houston and makes Tamba Hali a casualty of his new contract, I am all for that as well. Hali is vastly underrated, he is primarily a LOLB now that Houston is setting the world on fire, he would be back to his double-digit sack ways back at ROLB for us.

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Baker should be gone, just cut the players that have bad contracts and are injury prone - wishes every GM ever - it does not work like that. IF we cut Baker now we should just sign a ghost that never even existed. Blaylocks hit comes down big this year, he should go plus Gaurds are cheaper.

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Cut/Not Re-Sign:

Steven Jackson

Kroy Bierrmann

Jonathan Babineaux

Sean Weatherspoon

And explore trying to get Sam Baker and/or Justin Blalock to restructure. Neither are worth what they are getting.

We should easily have 30+ Mill going into FA.

I'd resign Spoon. At a minimum he could provide depth and won't cost too much. However, I'd have him play ILB.

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If they tag him, we'll have to give up at least this year's first to get him. I'm not sure I'd be willing to do that. We've got WAY too much to be doing to be giving up draft picks.

We would be spending that draft pick HOPING for a Houston anyway.....why not just guarantee yourself a stud pass rusher while we're in good cap shape?

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