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All Important De, What Makes For A Special Player?

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There is criteria I want in a DE and frankly we have zero. One reason we suck vs the run is that our DE/OLB's do not hold pt of attack, get off blocks, and most importantly wrap up and take down the ball carrier. Missed tackles is number one reason I dont want a DE.

1)Pass rush. Can he run the arc? If he can beat his man outside he can be set up inside which is really where you want to go anyway. To take the inside you need speed, quickness, hands, feet/agility, and strength. We dont spend 1st rd picks on the total package like Jason Pierre Paul and so we dont have any. Our guys are lacking in one or more factes and are easily kept at bay. Even worse we open huge running lanes when we rush outside and have no chance of setting up the inside bull rush.

2)Run defense. Setting the edge on run plays sets up 3rd and long. You also have to get off blocks and tackle. Length, strength, and leverage are assets here. So is speed for backside plays and plays away from you.

3)Hands. Ultimately if you stick to blocks on pass rush I have no interest in you. If you allow blockers to consistantly get their hands on you and control you no thank you. I see Maponga trying to keep blockers hands off him. Unfortunately he has neither the speed to threaten the edge nor the balance and strength to stay on his feet and power through inside.

4)Counter Moves. Essentially pass rush again but beating a guy once is great. You probably have to set up a NFL OT in order to do it though. 16 sacks in a 16 game season is phenominal so its not like we should look for college DE's that have 27 sacks and win every snap. He needs to make his presence felt all game though. Pressure consistantly eventually gets home.

Ultimately natural talent is what to look for I think. Balance being key. DL on the ground is way counter productive.

My favorite DE prospect right now is Alvin Dupree who I hope we can get in rd 3. 6-4, 267 he has very good size/length. He can win inside and out. He has speed to close in a hurry and he tackles pretty well. We need a lot of help here though so I am also interested in Randy Gregory but I want to watch him play more. He is long at 6-5, but light at 255. I dont know how strong he is. I dont know how much he has in his arsenal either. He is the highest rated DE but that means nothing.

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