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Criteria For Wr

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1)Speed, at or under 4.50 for big guys, 4.40 for small guys.

2)Hands, the percentage of balls he catches or drops is important to me. 80% ideal, shy away from 50%ers. This is where our guys falter.

3)Strength, not just for blocking. If he is strong off the line and battling for the ball he is for me. This is where Douglas fails.

4)Jump balls, this applies especially to TE's who are now covered by faster DB's, but it applies to WR's as well and could be an extension of strength. My guy needs to come down with contested passes.

5)RAC, more true for the smaller guys who often are also return men in college. This is down the list for me as you have to get open and catch the ball first, but a guy that can make moves in the open field and add to the completion are icing on the cake.

6)Intangibles, run blocking is important and if you are strong this should not be a problem. SELLING YOUR FREAKING ROUTE EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT THE PRIMARY TARGET is my main thing here. I want a team player. Every member of a WR corp gets himself and or his team mates open on EVERY play.

That said who is viable draft selections at WR this year and who is not?

The thing to understand about past drafts is that very few players are great. Most are "busts" or dont live up to expectations. How do you avoid those same mistakes in the future? Learn from the past.

Every GM is looking for the big AND strong guy in rd 1 and 2 which is why we traded up for Julio. The small but really fast guys are later rd picks but are moving up into 3rd rd consideration. TY Hilton and Emmanual Sanders come to mind as does former 6th rd pick Antonio Brown. Randall Cobb was a late 2nd rder. All productive players are worth the pick no matter where you get them.

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WOR those are the most important who do you like and dislike at WR this draft. I know the list shifts at the combine.

My favorite is Kevin white, but he will be one of the first WRs off the board.

For us I like Tony lippet. He's tall and has good hands, while his route running is improving. He's not too fast so I can see 4th or 5th round for him.

Kenny Bell is a guy with what I like, and is a tremendous blocker. The only knock on him is he can't get much bigger and will likely end up looking like Douglas in size.

Michael Bennett is a guy I hope we get on in the late rounds. He's a blue collar guy and has decent enough measurables. I think he could turn into a good number 2 beside Julio.

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Tyler Lockett is pushing it on weight Id like him to gain ten pds but he wins contested balls and most importantly has got some serious getting open with double moves ability. Good hands. Late 3 early 4.

Phillip Dorsett fast body catcher but ball security is my issue I would select him but only if he fell to me in say rd 5/6.

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The point of the check list is to rate when a WR deserves to be drafted. Amari Cooper has some deficiencies. He looks good against zone. I stink he will have trouble against press early on. Also think he has trouble with the contested catch.

He will be the first WR taken in a pretty weak class of bigs. The smaller quick guys is decent. That is where I would be a buyer mid to late.

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Guest Negatorris

Release - Can the receiver get off the LOS quickly and smoothly even if pressed? Emmanuel Sanders and Wes Welker are two receivers excellent with their release at the snap.

Route Running - Even the slowest receiver can get wide open against a quicker defender if their route running skills are crisp and sharp. Larry Fitzgerald and Roddy excelled at this in their prime.

Hands and Body Control - Probably the most important features. It is illogical to think every pass a QB throws will be perfect. Which receivers can catch them low or high, or turn to catch passes behind them, or even dive and extend to catch a pass not quite in range? These guys don't need to have the physical attributes of Megatron to be excellent receivers. Jordy Nelson and Kennan Allen are good examples of guys with great hands and Body control.

To me these matter most. The speed and size crap is extra flashy stuff not needed to be a good receiver. Technique makes you reliable.

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Size kind of classifies you. They all have to be quick/fast or they wont be in the the NFL. It is true that speed is less important if a WR has strength and quickness off the line to compensate. The trifecta is what makes Megatron Elite and why he draws double coverage. You cant just give him underneath and you must protect over the top with a safety because the CB wont catch him.

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