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Time To Tinker On Defense. Why We Cant Use 4-3 Anymore.

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I hope we do trade Umeniora for a 7th rd pick. I would like to see the newbs fail to get to the QB instead of overpaid vets.

That said, what kind of lineups can we throw out there on any given play? We are limited by the fact that we dont have any 4-3 OLB's since Spoon got hurt. Bartu could play WLB or SLB but who will man the other? Stupar is a MLB and we have Worrilow there. Shembo could be tried at SLB as could Biermann but I think both are 3-4 OLB's. Maybe this is why we suck so bad against the run. Obsevations?

Massaquoi, Maponga

Hageman, Babinaux

Soliai, Peters

Jackson, Goodman

Biermann, Starr

Worrilow, Stupar

Shembo, Bartu

This is the defense we may have to run the most but I want to see us use a two deep rotation on DL to keep them fresh. At worst get the subs in there for speed rush. Also I would like to see Biermann and Shembo switching places in ameoba looks.


Massaquoi, Biermann, Starr

Soliai, Jackson

Hageman, Peters, Babinaux

Goodman, Shembo, Maponga


Worrilow, Stupar

Biermann, Shembo, Starr

Technically the same guys as 3-4 which makes it pretty much 3-4. Bartu is the only 4-3 OLB we have and he was a DE in college. Same for Shembo and I think they are having a hard time filling gaps from inexperience.

They just need to find what each player does best and play them in that role. It may make us one dimensional and offenses may exploit it but atleast they have a chance to make a good play once in a while if they are in a comfort zone.

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