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Kemal Ishmael. Who Else Believes In Him?


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IMO this dude sucks. I know he's popular on this board and a lot of our fans like him but I think he's terrible. I'm trying to figure out how he let Golden Tate slip right past him for the TD on 3rd and 25. There is no excuse for that on his part and he should know that he's the man responsible for Tate on that play. And to add fuel to the fire he was missing tackles and was getting run over constantly. I still remember that play when Alshon Jeffrey caught a bomb from Jay Cutler and Ishmael was getting dragged 10 yards down the field before he could finally bring him down. He has his fans and that's okay but I think he sucks. I'll probably get flamed for this but I wanna see what ya'll think about him.

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I do have to say, terrible play by him for sure, but wow, what a throw by Stafford. I'm not a fan of dude's consistency but I don't know if there is another QB in the league that could have made that pass on a line like that.

He was staring at Stafford the entire time on that play and Tate flew right past him and Ishmael didn't even notice until the last second. That was unacceptable.
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I want to see Southward and Lowery starting. Ishmael is average. He's not long term starting material. Just a fill in.

Southward's got some speed and I love the way he flies to the ballcarrier with reckless abandon.

Start Southward and let's see what we got in him.

I think Southward is ready for more snaps and a starting role on the defense but just like all other fan favorites they sit on the bench and don't see enough playing time.
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